Working Parties

A practical and efficient way to establish a big and multilayered project as building an Ecovillage is to divide energy and labour in different working parties. Every member has different talents and these can florish best when everybody on their own accord shares knowledge and effort to carry the project. Every (future) inhabitant is an equal member of the community and carries equal responsibility. This means that every member gives an equal share of work and energy, of course dependend on preference, personality, health and age. A working party or creative group can exist of one or more persons and the motivation lies in the enthousiasm for the vision and the project, the drive to create results and the longing to develop ones talents and share these with others. During the initiating fase there are less workparties necessary but also less people available to keep them up and running.

Later on when the Eco-Village is completely inhabited there could arise new creative groups of people who whish to live their dreams and passions. Joining one of these creative groups is of course not mandatory. Possible income derived from these creative groups will be shared among the participants. This will be a personal income on the one hand and an enrichment for the community on the other.

Possible first working-parties

Creative groups