Love Is
Al There Is.

Tuned into universal wisdom and natural cycles
we live in conscious unity with nature
a harmonic crealitity.

The unnamable essence of life is not capturable in words.
From all ages and traditions stem words and symbols which try to describe this essence.

Oneness - Love - Being - God - Harmony - Completeness - Now - Mystery - Great Spirit - Tao - Joy - Freedom - Kin

From this inexhaustibale source flows a liferiver of strength, energy and inspiration into the world.

A dream in 7 sentences

This groundvision and these core-sentences are first principles and serve as our ground for departure. They are the foundation and frame of Rivendell Village.
How we live this connection with the source of love will take shape in an ongoing evolution depending on the people and situations.

Decision making

All decisions concerning the community will be taken in 'kinsensus'. This is derived from consensus with the following meaning:
- kin resembles every form of completeness (e.g. a year, a human, a humanity, an hectare, a planet, an atom...);
- sens is the feeling wherein we connect with eachother and the subject of our discussion;
- us points at the universal soul and confirms our unity.
A theme, item or a decision will be discussed, felt and thought about untill the group can make an unanimous decision. If one member of the group does not agree the decision will not be taken and will be rediscussed on another meeting. It is possible that a participant refrains from voting enabling the decision to be taken. While taking decisions en discussing different possibilities we reach out to eachother and reflect it to our groundvision and the 7 core sentences.
By connecting to eachother and approach apparant oppositions with creative humour we open new possibilities. This is the permanent self-creating proces of evolution which grows with the change of persons and conditions. Life is permanent change, evolution and growth. This should be respected inside the community of people which Rivendell is. Openness towards new developments and new decisions will always exist. Kinsensis is a tool for finding the balance between the definit groundvision plus 7 core sentences on one hand and a creative interaction with 'what's happening now' on the other.

More to come soon !