On this right menu of the website you will find everything which relates to Eco-village Rivendell. Documents and information will be posted as the actual realisation comes closer and closer. After the buying of the property and the start of Rivendell this site will continue to convey the developments and challenges of the community.
Also this webspace will stay an important means of information and communication.

Many sources (internal and external) inspire us to convert the Rivendell dream into reality. The Anastasia books of Vladimir Megre belong to the essentials. Still we do not want to characterize ourselves as an Anastasia-Village although a number of her guidelines will be put into practise and her vision is inspiring when striving for ecological soundness, sobriety and the (bare) essentials. We have chosen the name Rivendell-Village to conceptualize our groundvision and inspirations. For now the following sentences are a summary of this vision.

Why the hectare?
According to Anastasia a harmonic lifestyle with respect to nature on one hectare of your own soil is the perfect combination:

"The whole of the Earth could be a Motherland for everybody and the whole Universe could cherish Humanity. To achieve this all the layers of 'being' should connect to one point. This point you will call Motherland where you will create a Space of Love and all the beauty of the Universe will connect to this space. Via this Space of Motherland you will be able to feel the Universe with all your essence. You will get remarkable power. This will be known in other worlds. Everything will serve you as God, our creator, has intended."

In a Rivendell Village dwells freedom and respect (for fellow villagers as well as for nature). First one should come in harmony with a certain place. (Free) nature is balanced perfectly. How can we honour this? By tuning in and taking time to sense a biotope and to work with that what manifests itself. (See natural agriculture). Do not longer think about what you want to have and to take but ask yourself: what is there already and what can I contribute.

Summarised we want:

More to come soon!