We want to realise a small community where the inhabitants next to their individual development share a number of ideals:

A ecological way of living and working.
To aim for self-sufficiency (energy, water, food).
A spiritual way of life in harmony with the Universal Cosmic Truth.
Creativity, imagination, cooperation as means for realising dreams.
Communitybuilding, compliance, brother- and sisterhood.

The 'Anastasia' books by Vladimir Megre are important and lasting sources of inspiration in the conceptual development of 'Ecocommunity Rivendell'. Also the books of Diana Leafe Christian ('Creating A Life Together' and 'Finding Community') and the experiences of several existing and succesfull communities (see linkpage) are a sound and invaluable help to get to know the theory and practice of a viable Ecovillage.

Our concept is presented in the following shortened summary of possible basic principles. In reality probably not everything will be realised but this summary gives a few possibilities, aims and insights that can serve as examples an inspiration.
Ecovillage Rivendell is at the moment still in a theoretical starting fase. The core-members will establish the defenitive vision and aims after frequent gatherings. On the right menu of this website we will collect the fruits of this discussions.


Our ultimate goal is to build a completely self-sufficient and sustainable Ecovillage,
where all necessary facilities are realised to funcion autonomically;
where our way of living and working is not disrespectfull towards nature;
where inhabitants, visitors and animals can be together in love and respect;
and where everyone gets the space and possibilities to connect to the divine essence and the eternal Source.

A crucial step is to acquire a domain of at least 100 hectares in green surroundings.
The domain will be divided into 49 livable pieces of Motherland of 1 hectare per person/family.

The complete domain remains property of the whole community that will be organised and represented in a lawfull entity (e.g. a foundation, cooperation, non-profit organisation.

The inhabitants will have at all times their inalienable and unsellable right to the usefruct of their Motherland.

The Motherland is heritable to next heirs and completely free of tax for the internal community.
When there are no heirs the Motherland returns to the community.

Preferably the domain will inhibit clean sources of water and their will be enough space for communal areas and buildings
(forest, lake, agriculture, school, shop, communal building...).

At least the half of the domain will consist of trees, forest and free nature.

The aim is a large as possible autonomy in housing, energy, water, waste-management, food, herbs, cloths,...

This will increase possible locations for the domain because the necessity of infrastructure as sewerage, electricity-cables etcetera will diminish.
The price of the land will be cheaper as well.

Living on the domain will not decrease comfort or well-being (on the contrary),
but will imply another way of living and treating Earth and nature.

The number of people/families on the domain (at least 100 hectares) can vary between 49 to 150.
It is also possible to create bigger or smaller areas with more or fewer persons.

The realisation of an immense project as this one (building a entire village!) will happen in fases and by an organic process of growth.
A smaller but motivated group can already start with building theoretical foundations, the search for locations and living on their Motherland.
New inhabitants can join the following years and complete the community.

The story goes that the Russian government donates free parcels of land to their civilians. This could be suggested to our governments.
Earth belongs to everyone and is not to be bought or sold.
As this project has an educative and social value it is possible to gain support by goverments and companies, and receive donations by individuals and organisations.

When there will be no funding, the domain can be bought mutually in the context of a cooperation where every inhabitant owns an equal amount of shares.

The parcels of Motherland will be surrounded by a living fence (trees, bushes, ...)
The whole of the domain will be fenced by cedar trees.

The inhabitants can grow their own organic crops and herbs on their piece of Motherland whereby unique artisinal products can be created.
Surplusses can be exchanged or traded free of tax in the village shop.

The inhabitant will arrange the Motherland after own inspiration or insight.
It will be recommended though to keep 1/3 free nature and create waters, crops and flower gardens.

The inhabitants design and build (with help of neighbours, friends and volunteers) their own ecological and autonomous house (Earthship, yurt, cobhouse, wooden house ...).
Building your house yourself with local, recycled and natural materials is much cheaper, environmental-friendly, creative and fullfilling than letting a construction company build it for you.

The domain, the pieces of Motherland, the free nature and the infrastructe will form together an autonomous Ecovillage.

The Ecovillage on the domain is scarce of cars, no weapons, no smoking and no drugs.
These guidelines can be seen as a violation against personal choice but our motivation for these rules
lies with the kind of consciousness this community wants to achieve.
The energy of the place, the mentality and the charm of an Ecovillage will be made by individual behaviour and spiritual insight.
The choice to live in harmony with all there is and to respect the Universal laws excludes behaviours like smoking and using narcotics.

Transport within the Ecovillage will preferably happen by foot, bike, or horse.
Motorised transport within the village can only happen once in a while by non-pollutable vehicles.
Cars for external use will be stalled on the parkinglots on the edges of the Ecovillage.

To make it easier to tune into cosmic cycli and energies we will step aside the artificial time of the Gregorian calender (12:60)
and use the natural 13 moon calender (13:20).

The composition and arrangement of the domain, Motherland and buildings will keep sacred geometry in mind
and also be aware of the element of nature (earth, water (rain), air (wind), fire (sun) and ether);
the biotope at present and the energies and energetic beings on the domain.

We aim at complete non-violance at three levels: thinking, speaking, acting.
Among other things this implies (preferable) vegetarian/vegan diet and avoiding to abuse or kill animals.

In the Ecovillage communal activities, facilities and means can be shared by the inhabitants
(transport, agricultural equipment, library, wellness room, orchard, herbal garden, ..).

The Ecovillage en community does not want to become a sectaric island isolated from the rest of the world.
On the contrary: we want to maintain a fruitfull cooperation and exchange with the local and global community and civilisation.

This model of an Ecovillage and its harmonic social structure will have a pioneering function and can be an example
that will help to transform social and political structures and authorities.

The Ecovilage can become a living, practical, informational and theoretical database for
self-suffiency, sustainable energy, permaculture, holistic living, gentle healing, soul pedagogics,...
Around these theme's there can be workshops and activities that will be available for everyone.

An important pillar will be 'soul pedagogics' that will be available for children from within and without the community (Sudbury school, Anastasia school,...).

All inhabitants (children and adults) will be on equal terms and serve as student and teacher for eachother.
Also nature and cosmic cycli and laws will be important teachers.

From the age of 8 year every child can decide on their own inclination to be an adult member of the community.
This will mean the right to co-decide at meetings and co-responsibility for the wellbeing of the community.

The structure, autonomy and livability of the community and the Ecovillage can be supported by different working-parties.
These will not only generate work and income within the Ecovillage but also generate creativity and will be a foundational structure of the community.

Working parties can be
administration, schooling, building, maintenance, energy, water, forest, animals, crops, fruits, herbs, health, artisinal products, clothing, music, theatre, dance, meditation, yoga, tai chi, ...

The engagement in a working-party will not intervene with privacy and the time everyone will need for personal development and tasks.

People who take up a function in certain working-parties will recieve a compensation of the community.
These working-parties will usually perform administrative duties and tasks for futher development and improvement of the village.

Maintenance and upkeep of the communal buildings and roads will be done by all inhabitants. A system of taking turns is possible.

Inhabitants can provide in their sustenance by working inside or outside the ecovillage.
The emphasis will lie on 'sharing and being' instead of 'having and taking'.

This will mean a return to essence, basics and solidarity and a letting go of materialism, squandering and consumption;
enjoyment instead of achievement, quality instead of quantity, creating instead of destroying, cherish life instead of stress.

An honest monthly contribution (financial or in kind) will be given voluntarily to the community to sustain the ecovillage.

The contribution can be a percentage of income and/or capacity and vary between persons or be a fixed contribution.

Within the Ecovillage there will be no system of tax but a system of abundance.
Tax on labour and services makes dependent and demotivates.
A system of reward and appreciation stimulates and activates.
A local currency can be created that will be tradable inside Rivendell, other eco-communities and existing LET systems.

Visitors, course members and volunteers will need to respect and live by the values and guidelines of the community.

Every inhabitant is invited to realise their own inner dream, real passion, talent or unique task
supported and motivated by their fellow villagers.
The melting-pot of individual dreams within the village will supply an extra value: the sum is more than the parts.

The many dreams of the inhabitants together with the continual aim for love and peace on all levels will initiate the Ecovillage to a special place of strength,
a healing biotope for humanity and planet, a lightbeakon for a new age.

Creativity, play, passion, fantasy, inspiration,... these are magic words that are invigurated in the Ecovillage and invite you to embrace the child inside yourself.
Every human is a born artist. Artistic activities and expression will be stimulated, organised and woven into the fabric of daily life.

Every inhabitant is free to live their spirituality in their own unique way.
There will be no imposed system of believe, religion, convictions and rituals.

Awakening spirituality shows itself as a waking up from a dreamstate, a consciousness of your own strength and your own divine essence,
the realisation you are love and that fear is an illusion, to know that everything is inseperately connected in unity with eachother and the Source.

Spirituality is taking complete responsibility for ones own life.
To claim the right and duty to be who you are in your deepest essence.
A creating pearl of love, a free soul of joy, a wise wizard in a magic universe.

We make the world anew, day by day. Freedom is choose consciously to do what you want to see happening in the future with the credo:
Love your neighbour like you love yourself, and do as you like without hurting nothing and nobody.

Act Local, Think Global

Possible facilities on Rivendell

Communal buildings and spaces:

Communal nature and areas

Infinite Love is the only Truth
Everything else is Illusion.